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This digital world is volatile. Turning your vision into business reality takes guts, stamina, and a hefty investment in IT systems. It’s not just about buying the right software. Only true expertise can unlock the full potential of your IT investment and give you the competitive edge you want. Finding it is not always easy. Let GAPP-Partners Global be your key strategic partner.


Our Story

Gapp-Partners Global have been connecting people for over twenty years. Our team has an in-depth understanding of the implementation and complexities of business-enhancing software like SAP, Oracle, AI Robotics, Salesforce, and Workday. We also have an established ability in Data Analysis and the provision of finance-related expertise, including in the fields of management and engineering. In fact, our finance specialist recruiter is an experienced Finance/Business Process/ Risk Management/Sox specialist.

We really live in your world, and we speak your language. Our core team at GAPP-Partners
Global has a combined average experience of 35-plus years in ICT and IT. Our specialist in-house expertise covers all aspects of the implementation, development, maintenance, support, and training needed to optimise key IT solutions, including SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft. An enviable reputation for 360º recruiting skill set, project delivery, and exceeding client expectations.

Key focus areas include securing commerce worth addition, transferring of technical expertise, ensuring client self-sufficiency and continuity, efficient performance to cope with risk, and meeting client objectives.

GAPP-Partners Global expertise goes well beyond SAP recruitment of contract and permanent talent. Committed to ongoing learning and discovery, we are a thought-leadership resource for our clients, constantly sharing new business wisdom, cutting-edge thinking, and a steady flow of innovative ideas.

about Gapp-Partners Global- Sap Recruiters

Connecting SAP People for over Two Decades


Our Vision

To be the leading SAP resourcing and recruitment partner that global clients and candidates prefer.


Our Mission

We strive to deliver on our promise of connecting successful businesses with excellent people every time.


Our Values

We adopt the highest ethical standards of our industry, operating with integrity, transparency, and trust. We treat each other, clients, and candidates respectfully and sensitively.


about Gapp-Partners Global- Sap Recruiters


about Gapp-Partners Global- Sap Recruiters

We Are There Every Step of the Way

At GAPP-Partners we form mutually rewarding partnerships with our clients and contractor talent.

We are empowered to do this by our team’s intimate understanding of the implementation and complexities of business-enhancing software like SAP, Oracle, AI Robotics, Salesforce and Workday, as well as our established ability in Data Analysis and the provision of Finance related expertise, including Management and Engineering.

Our expert input includes implementations, upgrades, migrations, conversions, support, BPR, business consulting, and the ongoing maintenance of operational systems. We also offer our clients finance expertise. We stringently adhere to the highest ethical standards, operating with integrity, transparency and trust, and treating each other, our clients and candidates with respect and sensitivity. Throughout, our focus is on extracting the best possible value for our clients in their particular field of expertise.

In addition, our profound understanding of all aspects of business and IT equips us to upskill contractor talent where necessary, thereby assisting clients to  unlock the full potential of their IT system investment.

We have the SAP Solutions You Need!


We recruit only the best SAP people to ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget.

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Our personalized recruitment process ensures that all our SAP developers find the right jobs to build their career successfully.

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